Monday, August 09, 2004

Where are the kick-butt female superheroes?

I mean, think about it. This article has a good point. We don't see a modern-day Wonder Woman. Buffy and Xena aren't big screen material, apparently, in Hollywood's eyes. Lara Croft and Kill Bill's Bride aren't exactly role models for the kiddies. Many cool kick-butt chics end up as side-characters (Elektra in Daredevil) or part of a team (Rogue, Jean Gray, and Storm).

Oh, speaking of super-hero teams, I love that Olympics ad. American athletes get calls on their secret cells and run off to save the world - each with their own "talent"/ sport.

Think of the great chics (not derogatory, I just think "women" is stuffy) on TV now. Syd Bristow in Alias is awesome - very awesome. Tru Davies doesn't necessarily kick butt but uses her unique "gift" to save lives. Why can't we get characters like that on the big screen?


ljc said...

Yeah... "Catwoman" bombed didn't it? Have you ever seen "Le Femme Nikita"? Or the American version "Point of No Return"? Ooooh that character kicked butt! Trinity in the Matrix was pretty cool too. Should have had her be "the one".

Aprille said...

I had already forgotten CatWoman - and that's yet another not-quite-so-heroic hero, right? Just bent on revenge? Trinity was very cool in the first one, a little wimpy in the second. Hmmmmmmm....