Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Pancake Day!!!

The Forgotten English calendar J got me for Christmas says there's an old British tradition of pancakes on the day before Lent.

Not quite Mardi Gras, but I do enjoy pancakes... I'm thinking dinner.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The nature of illness

Been meaning to write this for a while, just kept getting pulled off course.

For most of my adult life the vast majority of illnesses that I have encountered have either been based in a headache/ migraine, or accompanied by one. I guess it just made sense to me that sick=groggy or otherwise not with it.
I expected to come out of the anesthesia groggy and disoriented, but I was probably more alert and coherent than I normally am in the morning (even after I get to work). I slept a lot, but since I was clearheaded I didn't think that anything else was up.
Until I stopped sleeping and started trying to get around. My head kept telling me "duh, you had surgery", but my subconscious was sending another message. It took me a couple of days to figure out what the boundaries were and then I still didn't get it totally right. Now, almost 2 weeks later (at 2 weeks I can work out again and will really start on the road to wedding dress killer toning), almost halfway through what I'm terming the healing period, I understand a bit more what happened.
Interesting the filter a recurring issue can put on things, and at such a visceral level.

In other news, I plan to post some pics soon...Loving the creativity of the wedding thing, but right now, I don't really have pics or solid solutions to share. As I do, they'll show up here.

Good luck to Sonny on the move.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thanks to loved ones

I have an awesome fiance who is taking excellent care of me as I get over this - and is feeding me prime Valentine's gifts - "Indestructable Love" Hulk chocolates, Hot Pepper Raspberry preserves, Strawberry Rhubarb preserves, a single rose for the bedroom and a dozen for the living room! :) Best of all is just his being there and being so supportive.

Also extremely grateful the 'rents are nearby - it really helped to have them around during all this and Mom fed me very well!

Want to go to sleep, but I'm in the office for some weird reason.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


At home recovering from minor surgery yesterday. Not too big a deal, I guess, but still a freaky experience. Walking into the operating room, unable to see very clearly because glasses were left behind,climbing onto the table, looking at the monster lights and faces watching me as others tied me down (so I would slide off) and started the leads for the equipment. The team was excellent and I had no negative effects from the anesthesia. Now, I'm just a bit sore. Standing and sitting upright can only be done in little bits. But it's done. We'll see at the follow-up the official results, but hopefully the whole business can be put out of mind for 6 months or so.
So I can get back to wedding stuff! And reading.

Book #6 - The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Very enjoyable and heartwarming, even though at times a tale of hardship and society's wrongs. The women are strong and wonderful and the breaking down of color barriers a very good thing. Plus, I love honey. I want Mom to read this because it's good, but also because she spent some time in NC back then, at a similar age...

Need to go lay down now.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Just beyond my reach

Last night I had a wedding planning dream. In it, I came up with the perfect idea. "That's it!" I cried, "Eureka!" A little while later, I stirred back to reality to pet a cat or something and settled back into the same dream, but the idea was gone. I don't even remember for certain what it was for. Bummer.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Tissue issue

Molasses is a carrier. Toys that he enjoys are picked up and toted around and ultimately in end up in one of his "special places", various caches around the house (I know of 3 right now). That's all well and good and pretty smart and cute. But now he has discovered toilet paper.

This was waiting for us in the kitchen when we got home from Kenn and Jenn's Super Bowl party. Not only had he found a random roll to shred, one of these was actually on the holder - we found that disassembled in the living and dining rooms.

Poses a bit of a dilemna - here's a product you really need close at hand, but which you have to keep hidden or else it gets stolen and shredded.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy news, in our thoughts, and general restlessness

Welcome to Lauren Rose, Tina's new baby girl - born Sunday 1/29 at 2.2lbs!
Continued best wishes and thoughts for Tina and Lauren - hopefully both will be home soon,in loving arms!

Thoughts also for Sherry (hope I spelled it right)- Sonny's bandmate Geoff's wife - as they work through an illness, too.

Otherwise, I have so many ideas for the wedding, I'm busting at the seems. Meeting with the facility today only brought up more possibilites. And the weather is gorgeous. Revising papers and powerpoints? How could anyone focus?

Ah, well, only 1 hour to go....