Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lessons learned?

I remember one night when the family was gathered to watch my favorite TV show - The Incredible Hulk -awesome!:). My stomach started acting strangely and I had a panicked realization that I was about to be sick. But I couldn't miss the show! I told Mom that I needed some ginger ale NOW! She came back with it pretty quick and I rushed to swallow it down. Of course it didn't work, just made things worse probably. I got sick in the middle of the living room.

I've often thought that maybe I just really didn't understand the signals my body was trying to send yet. That I didn't believe I was going to be sick, just that I was just a little out of it and thought the ginger ale would help. In reality, I didn't want to miss Lou's sweet green guy.

Flash forward a whole bunch of years to present day. Twangles of a migraine with a tinge of nausea. I'm much better at reading my body's signals. I'm not in front of Lou or even deep in a session online. I start with some ginger ale to "calm my stomach" and find myself almost reaching for a huge cinammon bun. "Maybe if I eat I'll feel better", I'm saying. What, really, has changed?


J was going through some of my college pics and commented on how much he liked my hair with some curl.
Now, I haven't done anything to my hair but lop off dead ends since oh, 1995.
I had a bit of layering at my last trim, about a year ago.
I just really lean towards natural - it's easier and more me.

But he likes the waves, and if I want to experiement it'd best be now, well before the big day in October.
I go on Saturday.
I'm fascinated by how nervous I am. It's just a hairdo. The person doing it is trusted and has taste. And yet, I see myself with a bag over my head next Monday.

Check back for before and afters.

Finally - Sonny has yet to pony up any pics of his new place!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


J got me this super-soft "giant" (relatively) stuffed Peep - I love it! It makes me smile every time I see it!

Ran across someone the other day who had only recently had a fresh Peep - previously he had only had stale ones and figured that's what they were like. Oh, what he was missing!

Went to Jenny's Oscars party Sunday. It was a good, relaxing get together - with good food. I finally made the clay pot loaves I'd been meaning to make - the Constant Gardener's Garden Herb Bread pictured in her post. Personally, I didn't try the Turkish Delight because I was nervous about strings being attached....