Monday, August 30, 2004


I don't have cable myself and have never gotten into the whole music video thing, really. So no big surprise that I didn't even know the VMA's were happening.....

I did hear about the adver-wear t-shirt TVs present in the crowd there. Neat idea, but a couple of things bother me.

Isn't there some technology out there that would allow a flexible screen instead of a box embedded in a t-shirt? This looks so clunky, to me it seems almost as cumbersome as the sandwich boards of old. I have to think we can execute better in our day and age!

Second, I wonder how long the clips are, and how visible from how far. Does anyone really want a crowd of people staring at their chest (whether that's visible or in this case, utterly obscured by the box in your clothes) for more than a few seconds? Couldn't it get creepy as they bend and get in close for a better view? It's like having something tattooed in small font across your belly - everyone would crunch in to see! Ick!

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