Thursday, August 26, 2004

The birthday gathering

Well, after the stress mounted so much that I actually spent Sunday and Monday mostly abed with shivers and sweats plus migraines, we converged at Mom and Dad's camp for my birthday.

Quiet - not a ton of people camping, mostly stillness in the campground. Green. Warm (how weird for our area this summer!), sunny, with enough wind to stir the trees but not to really put a chill on. Campfire. Family and J. Excellent food. The total detox was what I really needed.
Played LOTR pinball (cool, tho I'm not great at it), mini-golf (I actually won the opening 9 vs J and the boys), a family Cranium match (where I was forced to charade the Berlin Wall and the Great Depression - we lost), swam with Dan, hiked....

Ahhhh, peace (click to see better) Posted by Hello

What a great birthday!:) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:)
Plus, cool presents! A selection awesome champagne and Roelle family stuff from Sonny, a beautiful suncatcher from Dan & Tara, a peeps maker, beautiful sweater and poncho, Neverwhere on DVD, the list goes on!
Oh, and Little Mono - in my bday stocking from J:

The "mono/ kissing virus" molecule Posted by Hello

Despite the fact that work is constantly piling up, our place is a mess, and the house thing is still intense, I feel great, recharged, and ready to take on mountains!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, a good time was had by all. Too bad it had to end so soon.