Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Forget the pics for now...the show!

OK, I can't wait for the pics any longer - when they come, if they come, I'll post them. Until then:

A warm, sunny July evening. A plaza full of folks of all sizes, races, ages, hairdos, and especially outfits. From caps and big suspenders and forties era skirts and blouses to stupid t-shirts paired with ragged skirts over sweatpants. From Spidey tanks and bowling shirts to polos and golf shorts - all were represented.
Behind the bobbing heads of the crowd, the horns echoed off of buildings important to Rochester's past and near future. Behind and above the band, trains rattled by in the trees. Below, the falls roared.
This was the setting.

Twin A opened, a fave of Jenny. Turns out I'd heard some of their songs on the radio and liked them. They were good but not on really long. Poor Aaron missed most of it.
The next band was, well, not my speed.

Then, 9 tonily dressed guys took the stage. 5 horns, upright bass, piano, drums, and guitar/lead vocals. Bursting with energy and up-tempo tunes. Not a foot in the crowd could resist. Explosive, rich sound, fun lyrics and having a great time on the stage.
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy hit Rochester and the crowd LOVED them.
What a fun night!

Danny - why do some drummers sit behind plexiglass screens?

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