Monday, August 16, 2004

Tale of a kidnapping

The final part of Mom's birthday present was a surprise excursion. Dad dropped her off at our house Saturday, and Mom had no clue. As we drew nearer to the port, she got more and more excited, but didn't know still exactly what we were doing. The present, a 2.5 hour cruise on a 53 foot catamaran on Lake Ontario.

Mom grew up on the lake and a large bay and has always had a love for the water. I've inherited that. It is so soothing, relaxing. Such an escape from workaday worries and the "real world". Much like watching a campfire. Ahhhhh. This is what I love about summer.

It wasn't the warmest or windiest day, but it wasn't raining, we had spots of sun, and we had enough wind to tool along at a leisurely pace. J and I had a most excellent time, and I think Mom did, too. Hats off to the great, friendly crew. Here's hoping we can take this as the start of a tradition and go again next year!

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Anonymous said...

It was an excellent day for me, too. I definitely want to go again. Mom