Monday, August 02, 2004

Events in August and Monday randomness

Roelle events in August:

  • Until August 14 - CW Roelle show at the South Country Art Association (see Sonny's site for details)

  • August 14 - Theophilus at Sodus Youth Fest - 4pm

  • August 22 - Theophilus at Penfield Days - 1:30pm

  • August 23-25 - Roelles gather at camp for Aprille's bday

  • August 28 - Theophilus at CrossCreek Church Youth Event

The trailer for the latest Batman shows something definitely different - as it looks like it doesn't even happen in Gotham... but Gary Oldman is in it, based on the pics! That makes it cool.

Took the first swim of the summer (sad, yes, but I do live in Rochester) in Dan's pool yesterday - so nice. I'll have to look into getting one if and when I get a house of my own.

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