Wednesday, October 26, 2005


We miss him a lot. The house is very empty.
But we're moving on, I think, bit by bit. Healing. Remembering, but beyond grieving.
For the most part.

We seem to be connecting more, too. It started by talking about Molson and has moved on to other conversations and time together. That can't be bad.

Also wanted to let everyone know that Sonny and I both have Flickr pages now - the links have been added on the right. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Goodbye to the bestest buddy ever

Molson died tonight.
He was 8 years old - in prime health.
J said he was having teddy time (he would grab his stuffed teddy and knead at it - a very happy thing for Molson)and went into a sort of fit.
J tried to save him.

I was at the gym.

I'll miss how he'd come lie in my arms in the small hours of the morning, full of purrs and hugs.
I'll miss hugging him - he was sooo cuddly.
The way he'd talk to us.
How he'd find me when I was sad.
How he'd get so excited about chasing the ball - although he wouldn't really chase it, just run back and forth.
Playing tag in the basement.
Our time in the yard.
How he'd follow me around, to be in the same room as me, hanging out.
I'll miss you tons, buddy. I'll see you again, of that I'm sure. In the meantime, have all the catnip you want, all the shrimp you can eat, and see to it that someone rubs those ears.
Your Mama and Daddy will always love you.
J says goodbye and that his heart lies next to you.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Went to see MirrorMask with Jenny and Tina tonight! I think they liked it. It's interesting - I enjoyed it while watching it, but the depth of what I consider it's coolness crept up on me slowly and didn't really fully hit until halfway home.
I told Sonny I'd put it close to Delicatessin and City of Lost Children for a really cool, totally weird movie. Not quite to their level, but they're at the top of the heap, so close isn't all that bad.

Very very very whacked. In a whoa, you could spend hours soaking it in sort of way.

Sonny says he saw MirrorMask toys today (most likely at Newbury Comics) - may have to check that out.

I recommend it for those who appreciate weird, cultish (I think it will achieve the goal Henson studios was seeking), definitely not your run of the mill view of things.
Yeah, that was pretty cool flick....

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Learning new things

Total body conditioning = ahhh - wooouch!!!!

I hurt so much more after that class, but feel less satisfied, because that euphoric high I've been getting from kickboxing never emerged. My lungs don't feel tested, though I can tell my heart rate's a bit higher.
Don't think I'm doing this one often. We'll see if I can dress myself tomorrow.

Couldn't wait!

This was just way too cool not to post immediately - and it'll bring a smile to your day!
This ad is for Canteen - a New Zealand org for youth with cancer - promoting National Bandanna Week and their green bandannas.
"Manah Manah" was used in a Diet Dr Pepper ad recently. To compare the two - the Dr Pepper ad had an awesome element of surprise - but this one has real Muppets!
- found on AdRants, via PuppetVision

Monday, October 10, 2005

Finally, fire!

First off, after one and a half weeks back at the gym, I'm down 2 pounds. Let's hope the trend continues! I already feel a lot better (setting aside this cold and migraine)

Saturday, J surprised me with our first fire!
Here's the story: When we moved in, our engineer didn't look at the chimney, so we had someone else come check it out. The interior of the chimney was fine he said, but he was concerned about how close it got to boards in the attic. So we held off until we could figure out how to deal with it.
Then we got thinking. The chimney is awful wide up there - would it really get hot enough to matter? Maybe we should have someone else check it out. So we held off. (We can be pretty good at that)
Saturday, J decided to go ahead and try it out. I ran to the attic several times, but could still rub my hands on the chimney no prob - so it looks like we're cool!
Molson was a bit on edge, though I think he got used to it. We found some chicken stew in the freezer - had an awesome, warm, tasty meal AND a fire AND good company.
The fire held me mesmerized, the house smelled of it, the flames danced in the bay windows (I bet people out walking dogs in the cold and wet were jeal-ous!) - coziness lived at our address for the evening.

I love nights like that!:):):)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Early to rise

I got to work today at 6:05. I usually don't get out of bed until 7. I am a walking zombie. Kinda nice when I got in because the lights on the floor were still off, except the one at the back of my cube - it made it kind of cozy. Still, not only did I have to be here at that insane hour, I had a breakfast meeting with our CEO at 6:30! So hard to make a good impression when moving your tongue seems as difficult as a Turbo Kick class...

I've noticed lately that the warm fuzzy of spending time with friends is slightly different depending on what era in your life those friendships come from. The comfort zone varies - although very subtly. It's all good of course - I'm going to use an analogy and you need to understand that all pieces of warm fuzzy clothing are equally important to chill-prone moi - friends from pre-school are thick, soft, fuzzy socks, from elementary a good warm hat, high school/college friends are long warm scarves knit from the funkiest of yarns, and adult friends are the great old, warm baggy sweater....
I don't know if the order is exactly right and I'm still formulating my thoughts on what the differences are and why - I just know I have a slightly different smile depending on who I've been hanging with. When I have a big bash with a mix it'll be interesting to see how it all meshes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Just realized I had 2 Book#27s, so Mythago Wood is #28, Tamsin #29!
I'm starting to doubt 50...

Who truly knows what secrets lie beneath?

Book #28 - Tamsin by Peter S Beagle. Narrated by a 19 year old, telling the tale of events that happened from 13-15, it starts out a little too centered on teenage angst and inflicting it on others for me. After a bit of a doze, though, it picks up when the title character arrives. What follow is not only a pretty good ghost story, but one that also incorporates many figures of the local Dorset, England folklore - boggarts, Poukas, billy-blinds, etc.

Total coolness, Mirrormask comes to The Little Theatre in Rochester on October 14. Definitely going, and I'll get to see Tom's art, too!

Scientists finally have photos of a live giant squid! A 25-foot long squid was photographed 900meters down by Japanese scientists last week. I am constantly amazed at how little we really know about what lies in our oceans. Hopefully we won't kill it all off before we get a chance to enjoy it and learn from it....

And last, but not least - Turbo Kick is way fun! I love the feeling of pushing my lungs further than I'd ever take them on my own on a machine. I love the tightness of muscles afterwards. Now, all I have to do is be able to follow the routines and do that silly football run... then I can get to kick-butt chick level and have some fun!:)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

vege tables

for all of you who are around providence, the sentimental favorites are playing tomorrow at 4pm at the fleet skating rink in the middle of downtown, we are the entertainment for the produce market going on at the same time.
also, check out, on there is the wire sculptors international guild which i was just inducted into.