Saturday, August 26, 2006


we had a great time up in maine. we went fishing on a boat with a bunch of other people and saw some porpoises and caught some makerel and saw a jelly fish floating around. had a birthday dinner at route 66 restaurant went to jodan pond for popovers and brie and a very quick 3 mile hike. walked across a sand bar at low tide to an island and saw some deer and dad found a starfish leg and pam took some family portraits. went to the top of a mountain and saw a storm on one side and the sunset on the other (dan and tara went for sunrise, and everybody went to thunder (gurgle) hole and sandy beach in the morning whilepam and i made dinner) had a birthday dinner for aprille and played miniture golf at pirates cove. on the drive back pam and mom and dad and i had lunch in york maine near the ocean.then friday night we all (except for aprille who was trying to get home via jfk airport) went to see pam play a show in foster. so it was a pretty busy couple a days. thanks everybody. pictures to come.

Monday, August 21, 2006

My boys

A quick post before leaving for Maine

The Roelles are off to Maine to celebrate Sonny's 30! This should be a lot of fun and, because of that, I'm finding it extremely hard to concentrate on work annoyances this morning.

Book #13 - Baudolino, by Umberto Eco. I love Eco, though this didn't sweep me away quite as much as some of his other pieces. I love the premise, though, that stories when shared can build power and change history. The power of myth, when believed, driving an epic journey. The lies are hard to see after so much time and dedication pursuing them.
Interesting also, how this ties to perspectives on religion. And in Pnadpetzim (sp?), the city guarding the gates to the kingdom of Prester John, it is not the amazing physical differences that distinguish the different races, it is the specifics of their beliefs. I find that fascinating and may need to mull it for a bit.

Expect more books after vacation! I'm flying alone and have a bit of a layover in JFK on the way back, so I'll be reading a lot, methinks.

Wedding-wise - invitations are mailed! Expect a post detailing what I did for them next weekend. Practised my updo - I love stumping stylists with the vast quantities of my hair. :) It came out marvellous and I will truly feel like a princess when all the elements come together on the big day! Went for a dress fitting and it only needed a hem and bustle (TG!). Mapped out the ceremony with our officiant. We're doing several non-traditional elements. I love it, though. It seems very us and very important and both J and I believe very strongly in what will be shared and said.

I plan to try a mobile post from Maine. If that fails, maybe we find a hotspot to blog from jointly.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Kat' made it back safe and sound from Zimbabwe! Now I get to see pics!

A visit to the Devil's Bathtub

J's parents came up in mid-July. The visit started with the customary evening at the Old Toad - a favorite with J's family. The next morning we went early to the Public Market. I love the mix of cultures, lifestyles, and personalities that you always see there. We had Mexican pastries, breakfast tacos, Java's coffee, and Italian cheese before we even really started shopping.

Devil's Bathtub spilling over its edges

That afternoon, we went to Mendon Ponds. It was a hot day (nothing like the last few, but pretty hot) and it was nice and cool in the woods. Heavy rains that morning and earlier in the week meant that the Bathtub was creeping onto the path in spots. Neat to see how the little minnows, fishies, or whatever they were treated those shallows like they were always there.

Book #12 - Life in a Medieval Castle by Joseph and Frances Gies. Interesting. J and I read and really enjoyed Life in the Year 1000, but this seemed a bit more scattered - too many facts to spew to make it feel, well, like you were getting close to the lifestyle and all. Maybe if they hadn't tried to cover every castle. They started out with a focus on Chepstow Castle, but drifted away from it a bit too often. Interesting all the same.