Thursday, August 05, 2004

Chips of all shades

I've mentioned before that J likes to pick up weird food. This can include weird flavors of potato chips. In PA this summer, he picked up Steak & Worchestshire chips for our lunch. He has bought two different brands of ketchup flavored chips - an off brand and Pringles. Weird and the color can come off on fingers and lips, but they tasted like ketchup and potato and they were good (liked the Pringles best).

(BTW, on Last Comic Standing Tuesday, Kathleen Madigan had a great joke about Kerry campaigning by withholding the ketchup - have you ever thought about America without ketchup? That's a weird concept - summer wouldn't be the same.)

Anyway, the best chips, by far were Zapp's Cajun Crawtators - spicy cajun crawfish - kettle-cooked and yummy!

PS - Sonny says he plans to get started soon - but the PC he has access to is down. - Maybe this weekend!

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