Friday, August 20, 2004

Morbid-yes, cool-yes

Thanks to Dave S for pointing out this site!

Featured are pics taken over the course of 2 yrs at a British cemetary. Yeah, a bit creepy that someone put that much into cemetary pics, but there are some amazing images to be captured there!
Many have been animated - some start animation automatically, some you need to explore by waving a mouse.

Some of the pics are beautiful, though. And some of the animation is fascinating - and yes, one of those listed below did make me jump!
My faves:
Beautiful pics:

  • 4th cross in Spring
  • 4th to last in Winter


  • 1st and 2nd to last crosses in Autumn
  • 7th cross in Winter

1 comment:

ljc said...

These were amazing.. but it took me awhile to get through them all because I would wait to see if a picture would start to animate. Very cool. I wonder how he did it?