Friday, September 30, 2005

First class

I just rejoined the gym, bent on using classes to force myself to leave work at a decent hour and bent on losing the weight that's been nagging me. Had my first eval and off I go...Tonight I'm headed to Turbo Kick - I sincerely hope I don't totally embarrass myself.....If I can lift my arms to type and mouse tomorrow, I may report how it goes...

A few weeks ago, I took some time off. Spent a night and a day at camp with Mom and Dad - awesome because it's soooooo peaceful and Mom remembered the bread dough for doughboys! You take thawed bread-dough, wrap it around a stick or skewer, and toast it over the fire. When the outside is cooked, you remove the skewer and replace with cinnamon/ sugar or jelly or whatever. The result - doughy sweet goodness with a toasted crust -yum! (more pics of the scenery and food at my Flickr page)

Then J's sister and her husband came to visit. We had a good time just chilling at home - kinda' counter to the drive to constantly be GOING when they're here. It was really nice. Played putt-putt at one of the oldest courses in the country in Irondequoit, went to the Market for tacos, had an awesome (though a bit pricey) modern meal at the Mundo...

LAST weekend was Kate's wedding. Shortest wedding I've ever been to, but I'm sure J appreciated that, as he rather dislikes the things. Couldn't really hear their vows because of a nearby fountain, but it was awesome weather, a lovely setting, and we all had a great time just hanging there. I deem that a success. Congrats to Kate and Nick!:)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Demise of the dress

I wanted a new dress for Kate's wedding tomorrow. A nice, simple dress that maybe I could also wear to work. I head to Kohl's, no dresess at all. Target, nothing non-maternity. Kaufmann's had prom and fussy older lady dresses. Now, this is a small sample, true, but enough to massively try my patience.
Everything is separates. Even more than that, if you venture beyond the gypsy skirt, everything is really pants. Huh.
Maybe it's just the wrong time of year. Maybe I somehow fell out of the loop and people just don't do dresses anymore. That'd be weird, I think. Well, hope J likes what I got. That's all I care about right now, anyway.

Book #27: Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock - a re-read. I had slightly mis-remembered what made the woods bordering the Rhyope estate so cool, I was expecting a simple transition to another world, and not the creatures born from deep-rooted cultural mythos. This started out slow - the discussion of the theory of the wood that was a good deal of the first half did not compel me to pick up the book consistently. After Steven became heavily involved with the wood and its folk, it picked up and I didn't want to part from the realm, even at the end. Luckily, I do have the next book...

In Orlando, the ghosts that inhabit Church Street Station have spurred a $2.6 million lawsuit. Apparently, the owners of a restaurant that had signed a lease there backed out on hearing it was haunted. Now, the building's owners not only want to be paid for the broken lease, but they also want the judge to rule on whether or not there are ghosts! Frankly, I think it'd make the place more interesting.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Still need to finish those tidbits and tell of last week's mini-vacations, but in the meantime...
My pirate name is:

Captain Anne Bonney

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

To Charles Roelle, re: your comment

A while back I was doing some genealogy research and made a connection to the Ohio Roelle's - I had connected with Jeff Bader. Our great-grandfather was Clifford Roelle, son of William - who we believe is the son of Joannis Eugene - who emigrated from Boerrstadt, Germany to Bucyrus, OH.
We'd love to connect and work to build our part of the Roelle story and understand how it entwines with the Ohio Roelles.
I haven't worked on this in a while, but hope to get back into it soon.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bits and pieces-1 - Congrats!

Congrats to the Greens on baby George!
Congrats to our cousin Sarah and Glen on the baby boy currently known as "Sky"!
Two marvellous new additions.
Two welcome notes waiting in the piles of emails after a few days off.

Book #26 - A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie - The second of two Christie books I bought used to check her stuff out. Unlike the first, which I found stuffy and which bored me senseless, this one was entertaining, and I'm not usually a mystery person. But the "family gathering" nature of the tale, and with it the wider variety of "players" and increased dialogue, make this an entertaining side read.

Book #27 - Coraline by Neil Gaiman - For anyone who reads this blog regularly, you know I love Gaiman's work and find him an interesting character, as well. While more of a children's novel, Coraline has a ton of charm. I enjoyed Coraline herself and her explorer nature. A quick read that I look forward to sharing with my children (further down the road) and maybe those of friends when I babysit (much closer to hand).

Coming up - ghosts, recipes, and my bits of vacation...

Monday, September 12, 2005


well, i didnt have any time to be on the price is right, but i was on craft lab. thats a new show on the diy network (or it will be new when it starts airing episodes next fall). it was pretty weird and tiring and exciting to be on it. i thought i worked a lot but the people working on that show put in 12 hour days, thats crazy. and they keep busy the whole time except for the well catered lunch break. in fact, there is a food table set up all day for snacking. on thursday we rehearsed my episode (me and two producers, kate and nicole) from pretty much 11am to 7pm. the we rehearsed a little more on friday and then taped the show. everybody liked the work. the most nerve-wraking thing about filming is that everyone but me had ear pieces and could hear directions from the director or producer or somebody and i could never tell if i had messed up or someone else, they always said it was someone else but they could have been being nice. they did say i needed to smile more and kate and nicole would dance behind the cameras to get me to smile but i couldnt look that way, i had to just keep looking at the host which was a little weird when she was talking to the camera. after it was all over i went to hollywood and went to graumans theatre and the la luz de jesus gallery and the in n out burger. then i flew home and sawthe grand canyon and a volcano from the plane.
the end
or is it?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

He's off!

Sonny is actually in CA right now, and probably in the dry run/ dress rehearsal at the studio this very moment! Very very cool. I'll try to get him to post about the trip and the show...

Book #25: Breaking the Headache Cycle by Ian Livingston, PhD and Donna Novak, RN - Wow, talk about a difference between this one and the others!
This book clearly explained the chemical inbalance that leads to heightened sensitivities and greater chance of migraines, as well as other problems. Other books made it sound like if you have migraines plus other symptoms it's a compounded disorder that needs more layers of drugs.
This book advocates trying to alleviate things naturally, understanding you may still need some meds and not skipping them if you do. Other books look almost exclusively to prescriptions or programs that take place as an inpatient in a hospital.
Overall, this book gave me more hope that I can do something to make the pain better, without being doped up all the time. I appreciate that.

So, speaking of headaches... Saturday I went to a Bachelorette party for a friend. Around 11pm, I felt a headache coming on and so, in order to avoid writhing in pain in the limo the rest of the night while friends partied, I stopped drinking. Shortly after, the people I had been sitting with all got pulled in other directions and some guys motioned me over to talk. First thing they do - offer me a drink. I turn it down. And I get shut out - "Oh, yeah, drinking will do that. Too bad." I could see the steel doors shut - "no fun here". Way to make me feel like a winner!More like the dud of the entire scene. Should I really care? No. That doesn't make it easier.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Quick note - hurricane charity

I'm chosing to donate to Noah's Wish - this group is working to rescue pets that have been left behind and can reunite them with owners.
Noah's Wish specializes in helping pets during natural disasters throughout the US and Canada and has already rescued hundreds of pets in the Slidell area.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Now I know what it means...

I have a fondness for the city of New Orleans. I was hooked the moment I set foot there and the two visits I've made have hardly been enough. It was also the only place J and I have ever been to on a major vacation.
It struck me as a city of strength and endurance. Of resiliance. A city that has been through many crises and always survived.
I'm afraid of what happens now.
I can only hope.

It is so horrible to see so many waiting for help, so many dying in the process. I've entertained the brief fantasy of grabbing a bus and driving down myself to help haul people to safety - to some semblance of civilization. That wouldn't work real well, as I'm sure I couldn't drive a bus that far without crashing horribly on the way, so I'll likely just donate.

To New Orleans. A city destroyed. May you stand tall and proud again.
I hope to come for beignets, etouffee, and bread pudding soon.