Tuesday, August 31, 2004


so,uh, this is my first post. and it is about baltimore. kinda. i got a call yesterday from my friend paddy in baltimore who said that a place called dougherty's pub was looking for me because i am suppoed to have a show there on thursday. but i didnt know about it. its possible i forgot but i dont think i ever knew. anyway, it is the first place i showed work outside of college and i have had several shows there since and it is the place i sell the best for some reason and so i like to show there when i can. so it took a lot of woking around the fact that everyone at work is out sick and on vacation but i got thursday off, so tomorrow after work i am hitting the road and getting into baltimore late and the hanging a show at 9 am and then seeing a couple people and then coming back home to providence because i have to work friday morning. so that is what i am doing, what are you doing?


ljc said...

Hey! Good to hear from you... we were starting to think the blog was "The Roelle Kid".

Aprille said...

Yeah! :) Bummer about the quick trip,dude.