Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Port o' Rochester

Sunday we took my boyfriend's parents to the Port of Rochester to see the new Ferry to Toronto, the terminal, and other improvements tied to the ferry. It was really interesting. The boat itself is huge and that's cool. Personally, I was just as interested (or more) in the crowd lining the river to see it come in. Young and old. A mix of races and ethnicities. A mix of languages. Some wearing Lance's yellow bracelets, like me. Some who had brought lawn chairs to enjoy the show of the arrival. Neat that a boat can cause such a fuss.

The beach and port area were very busy, especially for a cloudy, chillier day. It was great to see the area so vibrant. I hope it keeps up. This town needs it.

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Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your blog so much, love the pictures. Even though we talk frequently, I still like knowing what you're up to. Keep up the good work. Mom