Monday, July 12, 2004

The Japanese answer to the MSN butterfly

I really like Neil Gaiman's blog (see link in sidebar) because I love Neverwhere and American Gods and am looking forward to more (remind me to tell you about the MirrorMask movie - what I know -looks cool! another time). I also really like the glimpse it gives into how he tackles the creative process. Walking with an author as he writes a book is much more insightful than most "inspirational" books on the subject. (Laurel K Hamilton's blog, though I haven't spent as much time there, also does this - and there are probably more.)

Tonight, as I do some catchup in Gaiman's blog, there are also several amusing random things. Such as: this ad. Here's an article to explain.
We've been talking about how baffling Japanese culture can seem (specifically, some of their ice cream flavors)at lunch - I think this ranks right in the same arena...But then, we DID come up with the guy in the blue butterfly suit.

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