Thursday, July 15, 2004

Childhood superhero - the Hulk

Watched most of the latest Hulk last night. It was a bit tough because I was raised on the TV, not the comic, version of the story. But still fun. I liked the comic book effect of layering screens and POVs, thought that was done well.

Lou Ferrigno is so cool! As a child, The Hulk was my FAVORITE TV show. Nothing could keep me from watching.(One night, I got sick in the living room because I couldn't let myself get up and miss anything)I caught every TV movie over the years, too. Just a really good beast....:)

My boyfriend got me a Hulk bobblehead pen that I use when angry at work. A destresser.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


Mike T said...

Uh-oh, I'll have to tell Susan to look out when she sees you with your Hulk pen

Mike T said...

Like your post about Hulk. I don't think he was around when I followed superheros in the only choices were superman, batman and wonder woman. Liked wonder woman the most, except for the silly invisible airplane and her magic lasso...just too far fetched for me.