Monday, July 26, 2004

Full weekend and a dilemma

What do you do when you see someone who used to be a good friend (at least YOU thought so) - then turned a bit weird and scary - but when you see them they seem to be turning things back around? I wanted to go up to her - she looked as good as in the old days, before she started experimenting with various substances - but the vacant, scary eyes of not so long ago kept coming back and made me hang back. Is that bad? Should I have talked to her? Too late now, I guess. I guess all I can do is wish her well and happy and move on from there. Almost makes me feel like I lost her again, though. I hate losing friends.

Otherwise, a very full weekend spent entertaining/ visiting with my boyfriend's parents, who were in from Vermont.

Judy the resident elephant at the Ren Fest;Posted by Hello

Went to the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, NY. Much fun. Especially since it was Artisan's Weekend and there were many sales - I enjoy the artisans and the food a bit more than the performances - although the performances are good to set a tone - I just don't like holding myself to a schedule while there and would rather be exploring than sitting still too long. I think that is partly my boyfriend rubbing off on me.

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