Monday, July 19, 2004

Jealous pangs?

A good friend of mine, one of my best friends, is about to embark on an adventure.  For years now, she's managed to visit all sorts of great places.  The Great Wall and Beijing, India, African Safaris, diving in Belize, the list goes on.  My favorite story was the shark diving trip off of South Africa.  After a good day, with several sharks, on rough seas, they were finishing up when a big great white approached.  Seconds after the last hands and feet were pulled out of the cage opening - CRUNCH! - he bit right where they had been!
I love great whites and think they get bad press for the ancient, fascinating beasts they are - that is just so extremely cool.
Now, she heads out again - for a wonderful trip around Asia lasting months.
I'm jealous!
I'll miss her - although we definitely don't talk as much as we should!
It's not really being able to afford it moneywise or timewise that I envy.  I just can't imagine going on such an excursion.  I think I would get so paranoid about things not working out, about coordinating all of the details, that I wouldn't be able to plan anything at all!  I can see myself freezing up and just spending the time at home watching talk shows and reading books.
I'm kinda' pathetic. That's why I need friends like Kathy - to keep me going!
Bon voyage, babe - keep in touch, send lots of pics, remember us stuck in the everyday grind as you mingle with tigers and elephants, strolling thru jungles, deserts, and grand cities!  And stay safe!

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