Sunday, July 18, 2004

Impulse buys

My boyfriend is a notorious impulse shopper.  There is a magenetic pull in the grocery store that draws him to some of the oddest, though sometimes suprisingly good, things.
  • One early example was a tin of Guava Paste.  We were never quite sure how to serve it, so we used the tin as a top, instead, for years before finally tossing it.
  • Once, when I was on a business trip, he bought Quail Eggs and Pickled Eel.
  • Hulk Jello - vanilla flavor but turns a great green with cold milk
  • Hulk cotton candy
  • A gummy Wolverine and a gummy Alien
  • Colored shrimp slices (you fry them)
  • A chicken that lays bubble gum eggs as it walks
  • Butt-ugly aliens
  • The latest - chocolate cotton candy bites - much like the marshmallows in hot chocolate or cereal - yummy!

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