Wednesday, June 01, 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Day 1

I'm trying to create something each day for the month of June. Here we go!

Today I created: a path in the garden

In our garden, we tend to be quite of fond of things that spread - including lemon balm, spearmint, sage, raspberries, and strawberries.

It can, and often does, especially during v wet late springs, go a little nuts. Trying to keep things better to their place, and provide a way to get to the inner part of the garden to get that under control, I've laid a stepping path. I think it's quite cute, actually.

I am way behind on blogging everything else, so I have to throw at least 1 book in here:
Book #7 - House of Mystery: Room and boredom by Matthew Sturges, Bill Willingham, and Luca Rossi. I accidentally bought vol 3 first, and have been waiting to read it until I got 1 & 2. Vol 1 is a great intro. I love Fig and how her brain works. The creepy floating couple. The chic in the bar who was married to a fly and is constantly eating, since all food just falls out her missing back.

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ljc said...

Your path turned out great!