Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jazz in the street on TV and 30 Days of Creativity - Day 16

First off, check out this vid!

Mega cool. V psyched for Danny, whose band The Meta Accord played tonight at the Rochester jazz fest.

So, today I created: a bracelet sized lucet cord.

The lucet is a small wooden tool from Victorian times (J got me one at Genesee Country Museum), used to make braided cords - for drawstrings, surface embroidery, button loops, etc.

The instructions seem to be backwards - they say to turn the lucet counterclockwise (it only works for me clockwise)- to initially string through the hole in the lucet from back to front (forgetting to mention that the short end should be what's left on the "starting" side of the whole. So my first cord was a bit sketchy. I'm figuring out the tricks and was doing pretty well tonight until I got distracted and pulled both loops off and just couldn't get the right slack again.

Here's tonight's cord.

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