Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Days of Creativity - Day 11

Today I created: round rolled paper beads!

Today was largely a lost day. I had a hangover headache - a leftover from a sinus headache turned migraine twangles yesterday. So time I could have spent crafting was spent staring rather vacantly trying to kick brain into gear.

But I got going later. Progress made on works in progress that I'll share when finished.

And round beads.

Here's the deal. Readers of The Roelle Kids know that I've been making magazine beads.

But I saw round newspaper beads at One World Goods - a local charity that sells crafts from artisans worldwide, and wanted to make them.

I tried to guess at the trick. Longer strips. Wider. Angled on both ends. Not angled at all.

Finally, I did a search. There are a bunch of sites now with instructions for papier-mache style beads, but finally I found rolled ones.

Here's what came out. Not perfect, but round enough to provide a nice point of contrast when I use the magazine beads.
More practice will hone them further.

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sonny said...

dude, you should check out Kirsten Hassenfeld. go here: