Saturday, April 09, 2011

Providence part 2 - the other stuff

While the decision to fly into Boston and take a train to Providence wasn't the most convenient solution (we couldn't take a nice long weekend w/ J in school and a drive that long for only 1 full day would equal a zombie Aprille to be sure), we did get to spend a bit more time downtown with Sonny & Pam than we otherwise would have.

Friday night we arrived while the rest of the gang was at the non-rehearsal rehearsal dinner an hour away. Sonny left a key to their place - so we explored there and in his neighborhood while waiting for him to take us out to where we spent the night.
The apartment is full of awesome stuff. You could amuse yourself for days on end. So many interesting books, CDs, DVDs. And the walls are covered with all sorts of wonderful art. Plus, there's a knit Dalek. That totally wins points. Yertle the Turtle greeeted us - Sonny has had him since forever - junior high I think.

We walked about a half mile from Sonny & Pam's and found all sorts of good looking restaurants. A nice, but very light salad at the airport for lunch and hauling bags from one mode of transport to another meant I craved a filling Italian meal. We stopped at Pizzico and indulged in a wonderfully tasty meal. I had the papardelle bolognese and J had the lobster ravioli. We'll need to go back for the tiramisu and gelatos.

On Sunday, Pam's sister, Lynda, brought us back into town after packing up the wedding stuff. Sonny & Pam soon followed and we left to do a bit on the town before going to the train station.
Some of the highlights:

  • First off, we drove through one of the wealthier Providence neighborhoods, then past Brown, and by some awesome historic buildings. (Like the Turk's Head, above)
  • Next up, Symposium books. J loved all the design books that they carry and everything very reasonably priced.
  • Followed by Craftland. An awesome shop full of all things crafted.  There's a gallery, but the show had just come down.  Lots of prints from artists Sonny knows.  Cool t-shirts, upcycled goods, and many nifty things.  I bought myself a sea serpent print.
  • A peek at Kim Kazan's show at the AS220 Project Space.
  • Good iced chai at White Electric Coffee. I may have to get one of the Alec Thibodeau mugs - I like his stuff and kinda' met him at the wedding.
  • We drove by an office building built from shipping containers - something I've often read about.  And then we picked up Design New England at the airport and there was an article about the same building in there!
  • Plus we got to see Sonny & Pam's studios - cool creative spaces where work gets done, unlike my creative space which just seems to accumulate stuff.
All in all, a great trip.  We're already thinking about a longer visit to Providence and the Ocean State. Very cool.

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