Friday, June 24, 2011

Focus shift and 30 Days of Creativity - Day 24

I got a bunch done in the garden tonight, including gathering columbine seeds for people *cough*ljc*cough* who may be interested in them.

I did a bunch of puttering cleaning - I see results in all rooms, even though J may not.

Both of these are surprising given how absolutely beat I was most of today. Wow.
But now I need to get ready for our vacation (more on that another time).

Today I created: 10 more rows. I'm at 26, and *fingers and toes crossed* and no signs of sloping yet. 26 out of 54.


ljc said...

Colombine? Is that a flower?

Aprille said...

Yep, I have wild ones growing like weeds around my house, inc in the big pots. But they are pretty if you'd like some seeds.