Friday, January 14, 2005

Kick-butt chic flicks

Harking back to this post, I'm extremely curious about Elektra.

The reviews are miserable. Apparently the plot doesn't exist and it's "an inert muddle that takes itself too seriously" (per Rotten Tomatoes, where it got a 2% fresh score). But I'm still psyched. Jennifer Garner is so cool and I think a kick-butt chic flick will do me good just about now. I expect to enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed Underworld, maybe a bit more - but any movie where you start dodging and punching in your seat and saying "yah!" along with the hero-chic is good stress relief.

Doesn't mean I don't still yearn for a female superhero that can actually carry a storyline. Sigh. Someday....
Maybe I need to create her. That would be a long ways off!

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