Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ah, the joys of home ownership...

Came home yesterday to find my "retreat" or study, which I've been making steady progress on getting settled - ransacked slightly. Molson had determined that our mouse was in there and had proceeded to pull books off the shelf (yes, there was one true book casualty - Return of the King (a sentimental paperback fave) got the cover and several pages ripped and impaled by cat claws) and piles across the floor.
Molson led me up there himself. He was so proud. Later, when changing to workout, I spotted the furry little cat-food thief and we closed him, us, and the cat in my retreat to end it once and for all.
Molson is an indoor cat - this was his first chance to truly be a rodent controlling beasty - he did a great job - to the detriment of my retreat which is now totally ransacked. We were very proud. Poor little mousey, but I have a limit to my compassion that coincides with the walls of my house - outdoors I'd free ya' in a sec' - in my house, you've asked for it.

So, that was our big adventure last night - and I officially got one piece of furniture placed in the living room this am before work! Yeah!

At this rate, the housewarming will likely be in July - better weather, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Molson rocks! Give that kitty a treat.

Aprille said...

He got some tuna - which will have to do until we buy some canned clams. :) (Not a spoiled cat at all!)