Monday, January 17, 2005

The debate continues...

"Why is it important that there be a kick-butt female superhero?" J asks.
The answer is hard to pin.
"Do you not like male superheroes?"
No, I'm just as much a Spidey fan as the next guy. Well, except if the next guy is Aaron.
I think it comes down to not wanting to see chics portrayed as manipulatable (is that even a word? it's been a long day) wimps. I want to see them stand up, speak out, strike back, and kick some big-time baddy booty! (a really long day)

Couldn't leave, though, without citing these hot news items.
A job for Scooby and Shaggy? Saw this through Neil Gaiman and then elsewhere. The wife of a guy working at this castle is arrested after the owner calls the police for help finding a ghost.
Note to self: keep mouth closed when using nailgun. All I can say is: six days!

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