Thursday, September 08, 2005

He's off!

Sonny is actually in CA right now, and probably in the dry run/ dress rehearsal at the studio this very moment! Very very cool. I'll try to get him to post about the trip and the show...

Book #25: Breaking the Headache Cycle by Ian Livingston, PhD and Donna Novak, RN - Wow, talk about a difference between this one and the others!
This book clearly explained the chemical inbalance that leads to heightened sensitivities and greater chance of migraines, as well as other problems. Other books made it sound like if you have migraines plus other symptoms it's a compounded disorder that needs more layers of drugs.
This book advocates trying to alleviate things naturally, understanding you may still need some meds and not skipping them if you do. Other books look almost exclusively to prescriptions or programs that take place as an inpatient in a hospital.
Overall, this book gave me more hope that I can do something to make the pain better, without being doped up all the time. I appreciate that.

So, speaking of headaches... Saturday I went to a Bachelorette party for a friend. Around 11pm, I felt a headache coming on and so, in order to avoid writhing in pain in the limo the rest of the night while friends partied, I stopped drinking. Shortly after, the people I had been sitting with all got pulled in other directions and some guys motioned me over to talk. First thing they do - offer me a drink. I turn it down. And I get shut out - "Oh, yeah, drinking will do that. Too bad." I could see the steel doors shut - "no fun here". Way to make me feel like a winner!More like the dud of the entire scene. Should I really care? No. That doesn't make it easier.

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booze is fo suckas yo