Saturday, September 24, 2005

Demise of the dress

I wanted a new dress for Kate's wedding tomorrow. A nice, simple dress that maybe I could also wear to work. I head to Kohl's, no dresess at all. Target, nothing non-maternity. Kaufmann's had prom and fussy older lady dresses. Now, this is a small sample, true, but enough to massively try my patience.
Everything is separates. Even more than that, if you venture beyond the gypsy skirt, everything is really pants. Huh.
Maybe it's just the wrong time of year. Maybe I somehow fell out of the loop and people just don't do dresses anymore. That'd be weird, I think. Well, hope J likes what I got. That's all I care about right now, anyway.

Book #27: Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock - a re-read. I had slightly mis-remembered what made the woods bordering the Rhyope estate so cool, I was expecting a simple transition to another world, and not the creatures born from deep-rooted cultural mythos. This started out slow - the discussion of the theory of the wood that was a good deal of the first half did not compel me to pick up the book consistently. After Steven became heavily involved with the wood and its folk, it picked up and I didn't want to part from the realm, even at the end. Luckily, I do have the next book...

In Orlando, the ghosts that inhabit Church Street Station have spurred a $2.6 million lawsuit. Apparently, the owners of a restaurant that had signed a lease there backed out on hearing it was haunted. Now, the building's owners not only want to be paid for the broken lease, but they also want the judge to rule on whether or not there are ghosts! Frankly, I think it'd make the place more interesting.

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