Friday, September 30, 2005

First class

I just rejoined the gym, bent on using classes to force myself to leave work at a decent hour and bent on losing the weight that's been nagging me. Had my first eval and off I go...Tonight I'm headed to Turbo Kick - I sincerely hope I don't totally embarrass myself.....If I can lift my arms to type and mouse tomorrow, I may report how it goes...

A few weeks ago, I took some time off. Spent a night and a day at camp with Mom and Dad - awesome because it's soooooo peaceful and Mom remembered the bread dough for doughboys! You take thawed bread-dough, wrap it around a stick or skewer, and toast it over the fire. When the outside is cooked, you remove the skewer and replace with cinnamon/ sugar or jelly or whatever. The result - doughy sweet goodness with a toasted crust -yum! (more pics of the scenery and food at my Flickr page)

Then J's sister and her husband came to visit. We had a good time just chilling at home - kinda' counter to the drive to constantly be GOING when they're here. It was really nice. Played putt-putt at one of the oldest courses in the country in Irondequoit, went to the Market for tacos, had an awesome (though a bit pricey) modern meal at the Mundo...

LAST weekend was Kate's wedding. Shortest wedding I've ever been to, but I'm sure J appreciated that, as he rather dislikes the things. Couldn't really hear their vows because of a nearby fountain, but it was awesome weather, a lovely setting, and we all had a great time just hanging there. I deem that a success. Congrats to Kate and Nick!:)

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