Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bits and pieces-1 - Congrats!

Congrats to the Greens on baby George!
Congrats to our cousin Sarah and Glen on the baby boy currently known as "Sky"!
Two marvellous new additions.
Two welcome notes waiting in the piles of emails after a few days off.

Book #26 - A Holiday for Murder by Agatha Christie - The second of two Christie books I bought used to check her stuff out. Unlike the first, which I found stuffy and which bored me senseless, this one was entertaining, and I'm not usually a mystery person. But the "family gathering" nature of the tale, and with it the wider variety of "players" and increased dialogue, make this an entertaining side read.

Book #27 - Coraline by Neil Gaiman - For anyone who reads this blog regularly, you know I love Gaiman's work and find him an interesting character, as well. While more of a children's novel, Coraline has a ton of charm. I enjoyed Coraline herself and her explorer nature. A quick read that I look forward to sharing with my children (further down the road) and maybe those of friends when I babysit (much closer to hand).

Coming up - ghosts, recipes, and my bits of vacation...

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