Monday, September 12, 2005


well, i didnt have any time to be on the price is right, but i was on craft lab. thats a new show on the diy network (or it will be new when it starts airing episodes next fall). it was pretty weird and tiring and exciting to be on it. i thought i worked a lot but the people working on that show put in 12 hour days, thats crazy. and they keep busy the whole time except for the well catered lunch break. in fact, there is a food table set up all day for snacking. on thursday we rehearsed my episode (me and two producers, kate and nicole) from pretty much 11am to 7pm. the we rehearsed a little more on friday and then taped the show. everybody liked the work. the most nerve-wraking thing about filming is that everyone but me had ear pieces and could hear directions from the director or producer or somebody and i could never tell if i had messed up or someone else, they always said it was someone else but they could have been being nice. they did say i needed to smile more and kate and nicole would dance behind the cameras to get me to smile but i couldnt look that way, i had to just keep looking at the host which was a little weird when she was talking to the camera. after it was all over i went to hollywood and went to graumans theatre and the la luz de jesus gallery and the in n out burger. then i flew home and sawthe grand canyon and a volcano from the plane.
the end
or is it?

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ljc said...

Aprille asked me for recommendations of what to do in LA and all I could come up with were places to eat (In & Out Burger) and the La Brea Tar Pits. Sounds like you had a great time.