Wednesday, August 31, 2005

catchup - a few books, music, and dunking

Well, the music has stopped and I have a chair. Now, I just need to figure out some more about the room it's in....

Congrats to Dan on his baptism last Saturday! A very interesting time - I came away with some deep things to ponder, though I wouldn't say this is the answer for me.
Bummer, though, that I got weird migraine-related symptoms during - made me miss the cake!

Book# 23 was Bloom County - Happy Trails! by Berke Breathed.(Yes, they count, you just can't read a whole bunch on purpose simply to reach the goal) I never really got Bloom County and reading a whole book didn't really change that.

Book# 24, on the other hand, was a lot of fun! Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett. This was my first Discworld novel. I found it very fun - there's a lot of subtleties buried underneath the more blatant humor and the characters are so well done I wanted to hang out with many of them. As usual, one gauge of a good fantasy book for me is how it impacts my dreams - I was dreaming of city strolls with Detritus, Cuddy, Angua, and Carrot, so I think it did a good job. A light read whose only real problem, for me, was the lack of chapter breaks - I ended up reading for a lot longer at a time, because the next break wasn't that far away. Will likely add other Discworld works to the list.

Finally, last night I smashed the first bottle since arriving at this house. Much of my project work has focused on organizing or the birdhouse kit and painting it. Getting back into glass smashing - creating mosaic pieces and thinking of mosaic projects - made it feel... complete. I think this may be a form of "meditation" that I'll start to fend off headaches.

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