Thursday, August 18, 2005

Friends bring smiles, rhinos bring pain

:) Isn't this new banner totally awesome! Jenny made it for me, well us! Heeeeeeeeeee (big grin)

All afternoon it's felt like a mean purple rhino has been tromping on the beanbag of my brain.
(Why purple?)

So, Mom and I saw March of the Penguins - very cool - except I had a strange urge to walk around on my heels, balancing something after.... Incredible, really.

Also made this really good baked fish with zucchini the other night - I will post the recipe tomorrow for those with garden produce to use! Thanks to Mom for the zucchini and tomatoes and parsley that went into it.

For now, though, I have a bit more work before I can even dream of taking it home to continue there....


sonny said...

that banner is grrrrrrrrreat!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome banner, Jenny has really nailed it! It makes me smile. (Love, Mom)