Saturday, August 06, 2005

Basket Case, other tidbits

I haven't blogged in a while. I thought it was because I didn't have much quirky to say, just a couple of book reviews. Then I realized it was more stress related - that venting the stress might help and that some actually find that interesting - the tawdry dilemnas in others lives.
So, here's a sample of my stresses:
  • I need to lose 15 pounds. I've never had to do that before. Being this weight makes me feel very wrong - and scares me. - The good news? I feel positive about the path I've started to fix it.
  • Musical chairs at work. Imagine you're lined up for the game, ready to go. Before the music starts, you're told to stand and you're blindfolded. The chairs are whisked away to unknown locations. You're told how many are left and the music starts. Better find one before it stops!
  • Summer - beautiful, bright, gorgeous summer days that I feel in my core should be utterly enjoyed - consumed to the fullest. - Wouldn't think that'd be stressful, huh? Well, I don't find the time to enjoy and so I stress that I'm letting it slip away.
  • A housewarming party that seems like it'll never actually happen, no matter how many times I try to set a date.
  • Making lists like this! I shouldn't complain about stresses like these - look at life in Niger and Mumbai! Can't seem to help it, though.

Well, there you are. Once again, I'm falling apart as the bday approaches. Ah, life.

PS - Amidst all of that - look at my basil! I never had a real garden space before and have always had sickly potted basil. Look now! :)

And-Here's what I thought of Fluke by Christopher Moore - I really enjoyed it - kinda' to my surprise. I approached it a little wary that it might not be my type of humor, that it might be too blatant on the humor side, which I tend to find annoying. This was great, though. And I love that he spent so much time with whale folk in researching even a humorous novel.

Finally, book #22 -Conquering your Migraine -by Seymour Diamond, MD - This one scared me a bit - what if what's up with my head is more than migraine? He certainly spells out plenty of possible combos. Will I need, as he suggested multiple maintenance drugs in order to get well? I'm hoping that diet, exercise, and common sense help the headache thing, too.

Now, I'm going to go garden and try to relax...

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ljc said...

Woah... that is monster basil!