Monday, July 25, 2005

Woah, chill, dude!

Not that I think hemp is the devil's scourge or that it even has all of the same impact that weed does, but I just love this story about legislation in Switzerland and Lichtenstein prohibiting dairy farmers from feeding their cows hemp.

According to the article, based on the farmers' arguments:
They are the most chilled-out, laid-back, carefree cattle in the world, and happy cows produce better milk.

:)High cows just make me smile... oh, and check out the pic in the article, the cows have long hair, too!

Otherwise: Book #21: The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Hadn't read this before. The beginning is a bit tough as bad fortune looms over Celie and Nettie so oppressively. Overall, I thought the themes on the nature of God and achieving happiness were key points to ponder. And more akin to my own personal POV than I've seen in many places, so that's cool. A quick read. Wouldn't label it great, but a pretty good book.

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