Thursday, May 26, 2005

Just when you thought it might be normal... and CW Roelle art news

First things first, opening one week from Saturday - June 4 - CW Roelle's solo show in Woonsocket! site
Mom and J and I are going for the opening - it should be fun!

Second - I can't get the season finale of Alias out of my (currently aching)head. Most of it was an almost normal episode - fighting really big evil but not out of the ordinary for the show, not edge of the seat sort of stuff. Until the very end. WHAM!!! Doubled! I mean - I never thought I'd hear Vaughn say "First of all, my name isn't Michael Vaughn" and then the SUV nails them. Yikes. And now I'll likely have to wait until January or so until it comes back. I'm sure it will be worth the wait....

PS - Reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire - really enjoying it.

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