Monday, May 02, 2005

Good deeds and good book

Drop City - I really enjoyed Boyle's tone in this tale of a commune's transition to the wilderness. There are two categories of perspective in the tale - hippie and Alaskan settler - and each captures the essence of those communities. Mainly simply a well-written story to enjoy as you flip through - I did get a sense of the message of "to each his own" - that each person's definition of freedom, peace, living in the wild is a bit different, but that there's nothing necessarily wrong with that. Highly entertaining, some great characters - leaves you wanting more.

For the Day of Caring on Friday I worked on the "Give a kid a healthy smile" campaign - we canvassed a neighborhood in a rough section of the city, getting the word out about the importance of good dental care in young kids, trying to get people to come get their kids' teeth photographed and evaluated. The issue of Early Childhood Carries, or baby-bottle tooth decay, is real and scary. Kids 6 and under with rotting, broken, abcessed teeth - and an 8 month backlog on corrective surgery because demand is so high. A HIGHLY satisfying day and kudos to Moka for organizing this. Typically we do yardwork at a group home and that's nice, they appreciate it. This was on such a different scale, you almost can't compare.

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