Friday, May 13, 2005


Theophilus wins this round - with 61 of 89 votes!!!!:)

I love this stat:
"Studies conducted by Yahoo! and Starcom Media have led to what is being called the “38-hour day,” where women indicate their total time spent on individual activities in one day added up to 38 hours of activity inside a 24-hour period. BRANDWEEK 4.25.05"
No, not math error, the multi-tasking that is so necessary in our lives!

Finally, I think I need to move Episode 2 up in my queue so I can see Episode 3 on the big screen. Our local critic says it's better than Return of the Jedi - I'm highly intrigued!!! These were so integral to childhood for the 3 of us, I'm pretty excited. And word has it Tom Stoppard helped with dialogue!! That's gotta be cool!

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