Thursday, May 12, 2005


Last night I thought to myself "I'm a social soul in a bashful shell" - (I was hitting my head for not actually having a conversation with interesting folks, just giving the short answer, bowing my head, and ducking out the door.)

Sonny's website has been updated!!! More CW Roelle philosophy, and more art! Go see!

I've been a bad sister and I've failed to adequately hype the next round of the Battle of the Bands for Theophilus (Dan). Of course, he could have done it himself, grumble grumble - no it's not a chore, I've just been in a different space. And I probably won't make it (Milestone's 10pm Tonight!) myself, as I am leaving work not on time (although that's not unusual, really) and have a killer day ahead tomorrow.

Out 'til midnight and Guiness and loud music (tho' good) don't mesh with a day holed up in a conference room, trying to pull hundreds of pages of data across 10 different people's areas from 20 different sources into one story to be told on 4 slides.

Well, good luck to all. Here's hoping I survive tomorrow!

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