Tuesday, March 29, 2005

end o the tour

tonight was the final show of the sentimental favorites winter tour 2005. it was held at the fox point library in providence. mostly, there were little kids there. they went wild for us. so much so that they crawled right up to where we were playing and asked questions during songs and banged on my guitar and took joes brushes from him. it was pandemonium. one girl wanted us to play beatles songs, later, when asked what beatles songs she knew, she confessed she knew none. there were cookies, but they went fast. one of the slightly older kids came up and rapped while joe played drums. we hope to play there again someday. meanwhile, there are plenty of cds and a few t shirts left, anyone who wants some, just let me know. we are huge rock stars and we enjoy ourselves.


Aprille said...

ooooh ooooh oooh me me me!

t shirt logo designs said...

Hello sonny, I bet when you started a end o the tour blog, you didn't think you would get some random person like me, who getting bored trying to find kids t shirts has decided to communicate with the wider world! I dunno, maybe you did, anyway as you can tell I am going stir crazy, so I'd better not write anymore nonsense! Anyway, nice to contribute, and I am off into the great unknown search for more kids t shirts. It's good to talk!