Wednesday, March 02, 2005

fell asleep

i fell asleep last night not only before writing an entry but also before watching aqua teen hunger force. im sad by that. but oh well, it is day three of my vacation (and the last full day off) and today, come hell or high water i will finish curly. his shoulder is done, maybe a little over done but that will be resolved like the rest of him. oh yeah, yesterday. yesterday i got up, ate oatmeal and went bowling (finally). bowled ok, best game was a 170. then cashed a paycheck and went to see the print show at gallery agniel. sara (agniel) asked if i wanted to be in a show with a bird theme in april. the best print in the show up now is by neil burke. then i went to the post office and the gym and then home to draw until 6:30, picked up geoff griffin and went to band practice, dropped geoff off after and went to nadavs house for show. then came home read a little and ate spaghetti o's. sometime soon after i fell asleep.

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