Sunday, March 06, 2005

weak end

so my vacation is really over now, tomorrow morning i will get up at 6:30 and go park cars. i parked cars tonight for a little while but i was by myself and could draw a little. tomorrow will be cold, like the rest of the week. yesterday i worked in the tiny booth at the train station from 9 to 3, then had band practice. then geoff griffin and i ate at the cuban revolution and saw the jacket at the mall, his wife and daughter are out of town. then i did my laundry until 11 and came home and went to bed. today i drew most of the day and went into work early to shave in the bathroom there, the mirror here isnt so good. got out early did some emailing and drawing and jim frain convinced me to go apply at the toy vault tomorrow after work. which i will do. drew a little more and now i am making oatmeal to eat before bed.

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