Monday, March 14, 2005

A flash, a blur... a brush... and home

The trip to NYC was fun, good to get away from the office, neat places, good food, etc. - but WAY too fast. Because of flight delays, I went straight to the conference (think I saw Craig T Nelson smoking a big stogie) - and got there just as it started. Dinner right after the conference until 10, then to the hotel and 1 drink and then it's 12:30 and I have to get up before 5 for my flight.

A few NYC notes: The NY Yacht Club is an amazing room - if you ever have a chance, go. The Bryant Park Grill has excellent dessert - and a neat view - somehow the trees make the encroaching skyscrapers more distant, less imposing. The Marriott Marquis has awesomely soft beds AND pillows (the pillow thing makes them trump the Sheraton in New Orleans) - too bad I didn't really get to sleep.

I enjoy NYC, though I could never sustain the pace for long -or deal without a drive among the cows and whatnot (a country bumpkin at heart, ya'know). Still, it's always a fascinating place with so many potential stories....

Book #6 - The Marriage of Sticks by Jonathan Carroll. This was great. A fast and light read (in that it was always something to look forward to picking up again - no need to force myself here). It's of a class that I think of as books with good points - they aren't moralistic or preachy but have a good message that blends with, contributes to, and drives a good story - The Family Tree by Sheri S Tepper is another example. In this book, Carroll gives a great perspective and at least I really didn't expect it, so I think the point hit home even more. And I love the reference to Neverwhere, even though just a tiny thing!

One last note, saw "In Good Company" Saturday. Good movie - good performances. Nothing major to comment on, just good. (^shrug^)

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