Sunday, March 20, 2005


last night was the second show of the sentimental favorites winter tour, and the kick off show for the fox point leg of the tour. we played in the basement lounge/ kitchen of a dorm at brown university. it was their prom night but this show was at an anti-prom party. it was a small room. we set up against the middle of the longer wall (opposite the door) and faced a half circle of couches. behind us was a makeshift ping pong table hosting a game of beer pong. im not exactly sure what all beer pong entails, but something about if you get a ping pong ball in someones beer cup, they have to drink it. it was really noisy and we had no p.a. joe (our drummer) couldnt hear us much at all so he mostly just practiced some beats while we sang songs. it was really funny, a few times i stopped singing because i was laughing. i thought it was great. there were maybe two or three kids really into the show. im sure anyone else knew we were there.
tomorrow (march 21) is fox point show #2 at 200 transit st. potluck at 7, bands at 8. dont miss it.

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Aprille said...

Sounds like a riot - wish I could have come!