Monday, December 05, 2005

A Roelle Kids outing, a successful opening, and INTRODUCING....

Murphy Tahoe Byam!

Isn't he a cutie! After giving him little food for several days, someone drove up near Cathy's family's place and dumped him - in freezing cold weather. Her cousins' kids found him in the wheel-well of their parents Chevy Tahoe, hence the middle name. Luckily he was dumped where he was, because he was brought in and fussed and fawned over. Everyone fell in love and Cathy realized he'd be perfect for us - even though we weren't sure we were ready yet.
He's a Stealth Bomber - loves to hide when you're coming - and a love, when he wants attention, he'll keep walking over your feet.
He's so small - at 3 months he's probably just a couple of pounds - though he loves to eat, so we'll see how big he gets.
His purr sounds like crickets.

And he's getting a brother. When shopping for food for Murphy, J met and fell in love with Molasses. He's black, 7 months, and another big guy. He arrives later this week and I'll post more on him then.

Last week, Sonny had an opening in Baltimore that resulted in 11 sales, 4 commissions, and 2 new gallery bookings! Way cool - check out his Flickr site for some of the latest - pretty incredible. And I hear a rumor that he has a show in LA in Jan - most excellent!

Saturday, the 3 of us went to see Serenity. Pretty good movie and always fun to hang with the bros. Sonny and Murphy bonded a bit, too.

Book #34 - Hard Times by Charles Dickens - I enjoyed this quite a bit. It's been a long time since I've read Dickens and I feared the dry, over-bearing Victorian norm. Not only did this read a whole lot better, but I thought the tale and the endictment excellent. Sissy Jupe's responses to the hard Facts drilling questions in school and her despair over her "stupidity" kinda' remind me of my interactions with some folk who insist that I'm not following the conversation when I take different perspectives. I would have liked to see Loo more satisfied in love - but this is Dickens, after all. Still, very enjoyable.

Book #35 - Censored:2001 - An interesting read, but with way too much of a "corporations are evil and will kill all sorts of people in their greed and the government and its agencies just go along" conspiracy thing for me. I did find it interesting that some stories from the top 10 Censored stories of 1976 and 1977 are still censored, non-publicized stories in 2001. I know they're still publishing, but I wonder how the rise of CGM and the blogosphere and satellite radio has impacted things. I think it's much easier to get "non-corporate media" news nowadays and that indy news sources can have a ton of impact - look at the impact big bloggers have had in the past 2 years.

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