Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who did I get mad?

The evening was going well. It was a long insane day, but I felt good as I picked up a few things at the grocery store. Then it all changed.
I rang up my basket - $30. I had $15 in cash, but couldn't find my credit card. Thinking it might have gotten loose in my work bag, I headed back to the car.
There, I went through my bag several times, no card. It had been left out at home after trying to buy something online.
So, I head back into the store to cut my order back within what I could pay in cash. That settled, I can finally get home for the evening.
At my car, my keys are safely locked inside, as is my cell.
I trudge back to the store (oh, yeah, it's about 20 degrees out) and suddenly have to throw out my hands against the hood of a minivan that's intending to pull through ME to park.
She apologizes. I ask if she has a cell, but no. I contiue on.
She finds me in the store trying to figure out how to find the number for AAA and offers me a ride home to get the spare key. Round trip made, car breached, home for the night, everything's finally OK.

This morning, I head downstairs for breakfast while J showers. My slippers slide and I fall down a good portion of the main stair on my butt/back. Good morning!
J dallies, but is always 2 minutes from the shower, so I can't get in until way late. Shower and then can't find the clothes I'd planned to wear. Every combo I can find looks horrible and I end up leaving 5 minutes before my first meeting of the day still not pleased with my outfit. I have two other wardrobe "incidents" before I even get to my desk.

So, the question is, who did I tick off and how can I fix it?

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