Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who truly knows what secrets lie beneath?

Book #28 - Tamsin by Peter S Beagle. Narrated by a 19 year old, telling the tale of events that happened from 13-15, it starts out a little too centered on teenage angst and inflicting it on others for me. After a bit of a doze, though, it picks up when the title character arrives. What follow is not only a pretty good ghost story, but one that also incorporates many figures of the local Dorset, England folklore - boggarts, Poukas, billy-blinds, etc.

Total coolness, Mirrormask comes to The Little Theatre in Rochester on October 14. Definitely going, and I'll get to see Tom's art, too!

Scientists finally have photos of a live giant squid! A 25-foot long squid was photographed 900meters down by Japanese scientists last week. I am constantly amazed at how little we really know about what lies in our oceans. Hopefully we won't kill it all off before we get a chance to enjoy it and learn from it....

And last, but not least - Turbo Kick is way fun! I love the feeling of pushing my lungs further than I'd ever take them on my own on a machine. I love the tightness of muscles afterwards. Now, all I have to do is be able to follow the routines and do that silly football run... then I can get to kick-butt chick level and have some fun!:)

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