Monday, October 10, 2005

Finally, fire!

First off, after one and a half weeks back at the gym, I'm down 2 pounds. Let's hope the trend continues! I already feel a lot better (setting aside this cold and migraine)

Saturday, J surprised me with our first fire!
Here's the story: When we moved in, our engineer didn't look at the chimney, so we had someone else come check it out. The interior of the chimney was fine he said, but he was concerned about how close it got to boards in the attic. So we held off until we could figure out how to deal with it.
Then we got thinking. The chimney is awful wide up there - would it really get hot enough to matter? Maybe we should have someone else check it out. So we held off. (We can be pretty good at that)
Saturday, J decided to go ahead and try it out. I ran to the attic several times, but could still rub my hands on the chimney no prob - so it looks like we're cool!
Molson was a bit on edge, though I think he got used to it. We found some chicken stew in the freezer - had an awesome, warm, tasty meal AND a fire AND good company.
The fire held me mesmerized, the house smelled of it, the flames danced in the bay windows (I bet people out walking dogs in the cold and wet were jeal-ous!) - coziness lived at our address for the evening.

I love nights like that!:):):)

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